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We grow companies with modular solutions.

How we're different.

Marketing teams are often under-resourced, yet tasked with the hardest stuff: telling a story that brings profitability. Many high-growth companies don’t require a large full-time in-house marketing team, but the agency model doesn’t fit for them, and expert freelancers are hard to find and manage.

Traditional models.

Where we come in.

Full-time in-house
marketing team.

In-house marketing teams deeply understand the product and brand, but many high-growth companies simply don’t have the resources to invest in a long-term team nor the roadmap to anticipate their needs 6 or 12 months from now.

Traditional agencies
or consultancies.

Agencies can be helpful to fill specialized needs, but may be costly or slow-moving or too limited in scope.


Outsourced help can provide useful ad hoc execution, but may lack strategic ability or require lots of management overhead.

The Modular

We augment your core team with experts that drive growth. After working with hundreds of startups we designed an approach and offering that truly understand the needs of tech startups and can be the springboard for where you are now, and where you have to go.

Smart approach.

Smarter people.

We’re a team without borders, operating and serving clients globally.


Founder & Managing Director

Megan Groves is a founder, advisor and investor focusing on emerging tech companies with a global mindset and solutions for a better tomorrow.

As founder of Modular Marketing, an acceleration team and growth advisory, she has served as interim CMO for over 20 high-growth tech companies and helped 7 others fundraise or exit. Her team has augmented dozens of seed stage to Series C startups around the world to build and scale core marketing functions.

Megan started mentoring startups at Highway1 and now is an active mentor for Plug & Play Tech Center (New Materials & Retail) and Techstars (Hardware/IoT, FinTech).

She is currently developing the programming and partnerships for the Accelerator focused on brand for technical founders, and as an investor brings a deep understanding in early positioning, customer acquisition, and scaling.

Megan splits her time between San Francisco and New York, speaks 5 languages, and earned her MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Our Values.

We see a direct line between what we care about and the results we drive for our partners.

Values and organizational design create culture. Culture develops mindset and influences output.


‣ We have big goals.
‣ We act with urgency.
‣ We are motivated to solve problems, innovate, and improve.
‣ We reframe tough problems and situations to create new solutions and growth opportunities.


‣ We are creating the future of marketing and work.
‣ We are creating radical, rapid, and positive change for our clients/in our partners’ companies.

Ownership & Impact

‣ We invest our all and our impact-obsessed.
‣ We take responsibility for and pride in our work.
‣ We are dependable to ourselves and each other. We take responsibility for our actions.


‣ We work with authenticity and cultivate a high degree of accountability.
‣ We do not try to be something we’re not. We own our strengths.
‣ We are honest.
‣ We prioritize justice, transparency, and authentic communication.
‣ We provide candid, timely, constructive feedback to each other to achieve the best versions of ourselves.
‣ We persevere with optimism through the lows and celebrate the highs.


‣ We maintain the mentality that the success of our company starts with the individual.
‣ High standards are a way of life––we pursue excellence in everything that we do.
‣ We believe that details separate the good from the best.
‣ Execution matters!


‣ For the team, for our partners, our mission, and for the work we do.

‣ We bring passion and curiosity to our problem-solving.

‣ We inspire and energize each other in pursuit of individual and team success.

We work with nerds, hustlers, and disruptors.

We work with clients for as little or long as they need to build out or permanently manage important marketing functions within their company and create lasting growth.

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Our Approach.

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