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We grow companies with modular solutions.

How we're different.

Marketing teams are often under-resourced, yet tasked with the hardest stuff: telling a story that brings profitability. Many high-growth companies don’t require a large full-time in-house marketing team, but the agency model doesn’t fit for them, and expert freelancers are hard to find and manage.

Traditional models.

Where we come in.

Full-time in-house
marketing team.

In-house marketing teams deeply understand the product and brand, but many high-growth companies simply don’t have the resources to invest in a long-term team nor the roadmap to anticipate their needs 6 or 12 months from now.

Traditional agencies
or consultancies.

Agencies can be helpful to fill specialized needs, but may be costly or slow-moving or too limited in scope.


Outsourced help can provide useful ad hoc execution, but may lack strategic ability or require lots of management overhead.

The Modular

We augment your core team with experts that drive growth. After working with hundreds of startups we designed an approach and offering that truly understand the needs of tech startups and can be the springboard for where you are now, and where you have to go.

Smart approach.

Smarter people.

We’re a team without borders, operating and serving clients globally.


Founder & Managing Director

Megan Groves is the CEO & Founder of Modular.


Megan Groves is the CEO of Modular Marketing, a growth partner to augment a growth partner that augments emerging tech companies with expert marketing strategy and implementation. Megan founded Modular after mentoring hundreds of startups at leading accelerators and realizing the standard approach to growth through in-house teams, outsourced freelancers, or traditional agencies no longer fit for the future.

Megan founded two prior companies, one of which was acquired, and went on to develop positioning and launch plans integral in the acquisitions of several other startups. She then led Marketing & Growth at VentureBeat, established Federated Media’s Analytics & Insights organization, and consulted for companies like HuffPost, AT&T, McKesson, Harley Davidson, and more on their program and product strategies.

Megan is a Forbes Agency writer, an early advisor in emerging tech startups, and a mentor for Highway1, Plug & Play, and for the TechStars’ hardware/IoT, Blockchain and FinTech programs.

Megan earned her MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management. She is a Forbes Agency writer, an early advisor in emerging tech startups, and a mentor for Highway1, Plug & Play, and for the TechStars’ hardware/IoT, Blockchain and FinTech programs.

We work with nerds, hustlers, and disruptors.

We work with clients for as little or long as they need to build out or permanently manage important marketing functions within their company and create lasting growth.

The Story.

While Megan Groves worked with 100s of startups as a Mentor and Advisor at leading tech accelerators, she witnessed the growing pains of these early-stage companies: they were in dire need of marketing to drive sales and become more profitable, yet they didn’t have the profit to build out a long-term in-house marketing team.

At the same time, Megan saw a similar kind of suffering at more mature companies: their growth was limited not by lack of resources, but by fresh, external perspectives and implementation that could help revive their brand or lighten up years of processes.

Megan’s varied and non-linear background—from startups to corporations and across B2B and B2C industries—became an asset as she realized that her high tolerance for change and the pursuit of growth were consistently facilitating positive outcomes in tough business situations.

She began to notice a pattern of getting called in to help founders with their go-to-market strategy and executives set up new orgs or lead a rebrand, and realized these are the places in which she thrives. So she created a company to do more of that.

The Modular team is carefully selected and works closely with Megan to constantly model the skill development, collaboration, and sustainable growth that they help clients with.

Most companies big or small that are trying to do great things have periods of extreme challenge and chaos and benefit from strategic guidance and skilled execution for a focused period of time. That’s the Modular model.

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