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How To Make Thought Leadership The Best Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

Let’s face it, most startup founders are under pressure, overworked, and stretched too thin to manage marketing effectively. Thought leadership has become something of a content holy grail, but no one has the time to compose wordy blog posts designed to shock the masses and change the face of your industry. But what if I told you this very assumption about the nature of thought leadership is entirely off base?

Content marketing doesn’t have to be an afterthought, and thought leadership doesn’t have to be a high-cost headache. It is absolutely possible to become a thought leader — to contribute meaningfully to the conversation around your business or in your industry — without chaining yourself to your word processor and neglecting running your business.

“To meet the criteria of true thought leadership, content should provoke reflection and discussion or move someone to action.” — Megan Groves, in Forbes.

In this article for the Forbes Agency Council, I examine the inherent value of sharing your informed opinion, regardless of format. Whether you’re producing videos, short-form writing, or that lengthy philosophical essay, the structure you use to share your message is less important than the value of the message itself. These three steps to transforming your understanding of thought leadership make it possible for even the most distracted founder to expand content marketing and let your true voice shine through. Read the original article on Forbes here.

How To Make Thought Leadership The Best Part Of Your Marketing Strategy was originally published in InterimCMO on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.