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Why Today’s Work Climate Sucks And What We Can Do About It

Why Today’s Work Climate Sucks And What We Can Do About It

Do you love the work you do? Are you happy at your job? In 2016, barely half of the American workforce reported that they were satisfied with their jobs. It sounds dismal, but that’s actually the highest job satisfaction rating the United States has seen in over a decade. We may be looking at an upward trend, but is better good enough?

“A lot of the traditional employment structures in place at business institutions are to blame for what doesn’t work for our workforce.” —Megan Groves, on Forbes.

The world has changed since the 9–5 office job became the norm, and with the popularity of our increasingly digital, portable, always on, totally connected lifestyles, the way we work (and expect our employees to work) needs to adapt.

In this two-part piece for the Forbes Agency Council, I investigated some of the most prominent ways the way we live has outgrown the way we work. From the 9–5 job structure to in-office performance requirements and constant interruptions (curse the open plan), it’s about time we start looking at updating the world of work.

In Part One of “Work Today Kind of Sucks”, I took a look at why these changes are necessary right now. Read the original article on Forbes here.

In Part Two, we’ll look at how to make those changes happen practically.

Why Today’s Work Climate Sucks And What We Can Do About It was originally published in InterimCMO on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.